Wednesday, 16 January 2013

#oldsmooc #digilit Reflections

The end of a traumatic and exhausting week. I can now totally empathise with my students during course inductions and more pertinently with those poor souls who have to endure the double challenge of getting to grips with new technology/platforms as well as a new course.

The third whammy for me is trying to find and connect with project team members in order to complete this learning-by-doing mooc. On line. Without previously knowing anyone. And not really having a clue what anyone else does, or is interested in. Well somehow like minded people have begun to get together and study circles (or is it project teams?) have formed, so something must be working, but I wonder how many people have given up already?

My despair over the Cloudworks platform has not lessened. I am not totally lost, having created clouds, added them to Cloudscapes, attracted visitors and received email notifications on my own clouds, but I still fail to see what I gain from favouriting and following clouds as I have to visit them to see any updates and now I have just stopped doing that.

And don't even ask about the Google forum - who has the time?? (288 topics and counting)

So I have been having a lovely conversation with my dear friend (of five days) @crumphelen via my cloud and now we are off to share and work together on a project on the civilised realms of Evernote.

The project will be in the area of digital identity, social media and supporting the development of digital (information) literacy skills. Already compiling a list of references and stealing from others' great ideas - not least Catherine Cronin's excellent Wordpress based course in digilit skills for IT professionals.

I am sure I'll be keeping you updated on this blog!


  1. Fun to read.
    I have not started writing my story yet
    I am on Ning, too.
    Another Universe to explore.
    Sure glad I don't have a day job.

    1. I think my boss wishes I remembered I DO have a day job ... :) thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Hi Jane, I sympathize with your pains (but then, imagine what it's like to facilitate this beast). Nevertheless, you engaged in a few discussions, and formed a project team: so looks like you've succeeded to achieve the aims for this week! well done!

  3. Thanks Yishay - and forgive the moans. I have succeeded in meeting the learning outcomes - and it is very interesting to "feel the pain" from this side for a change. And, as facilitator, you have my sympathies!