Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Year's resolution

I am challenging myself this year by joining a MOOC. I have decided to participate in the OLDS MOOC which focuses on learning design as this is obviously relevant to my work. However I think there is another aim here for me which is to participate in a MOOC as an end in itself (what is the experience like? how easy or difficult is it to participate and to learn in this format? what are the technical, pedagogical and psychological barriers/enablers? what are the likely problems for facilitators/teachers?).

I personally think it is important for teachers to remind themselves how challenging it is to be a learner, from time to time.

Already I notice my frustration - at the technical hitches experienced during the live launch on Monday; my confusion - "where am I meant to be now? Google sites, google groups? discussion forum? Cloudworks (whatever that is!)"; my sense of inadequacy (everyone else knows so much more than me! They know one another, I feel like the new girl on the block!..etc) and a growing panic that I won't have enough time to really do justice to this  whilst simultaneously working full time.

My learning objectives for this week are simple: discover how to use Cloudworks, (which I will know I have completed when I get my cloudscape up and running); find some pals (which will happen when I join a team and get some followers); think up a learning design project that will be both useful and fun (which will be measured by the existence of a cloud covering this topic); make it to week 2!

I'll let you know how that goes...

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