About me

I am a course leader at a UK university and also run modules in leadership and study skills for health and social care students. I am very interested in the use of the web and social media in teaching and learning. All the views expressed in this blog are my own and not meant to represent in any way the institution I work for.

This blog began in 2007 as an add-on to a module I was running in Virtual Leadership for NHS Scotland. It was planned as an interactive blog but quickly changed into a resource area where I could add links about virtual teams etc .

I ran a parallel bog on my personal learning journey whilst studying for the PGC(HE). After a year or so I merged the two themes and the result is this current blog - more focused on learning and teaching than on leadership these days. So is the title "virtual leader" still relevant?

Well, it reflects my twitter identity and possibly my role as a "leader" in the use of virtual /internet-based learning tools (at least within my own programme, if not institution). And I will shortly be taking on the role of Module Leader for a postgraduate module in leadership of integrated health and social care services where one of the issues to be addressed will be the increasingly "virtual" nature of team work. So... full circle!