Friday, 4 December 2009

Google Wave

Recently been exploring Google Wave - a new platform that combines instant messaging with Discussion Board/email and has something of the wiki about it as multiple editors are also allowed.

Access is by invitation only - and I have a few spare invites if anyone wants one - so I was not an early adopter but there is still an air of "what do we do now?" about many "Waves" as the message threads are named.

I have made a concerted effort this week to invite a number of work colleagues to get on board as I can see potential here for collaboration on projects. It also occurs to me that it presents a great opportunity for people to keep in touch when working in virtual teams.

Here is a link to the Introductory Video which goes some way to explaining what it is/does. And here is a blog post about a really exciting use of a Wave involving a thousand or more young people across the globe.

Currently I am involved in one discussion about the use of Twitter in education but most of the Waves that come my way seem to be of the "what do we USE this for???" variety. Pretty much like Twitter in the beginning I guess.

It definitely needs people to be involved and active - and there needs to be a specific purpose to the Wave before people will get involved and start to use I am still exploring and will no doubt write more about my adventures on the Wave as they unfold.


  1. I've just watched the link and am really excited about the whole concept of Google Wave and the way people can communicate by 'waving'. I can see potential benefits to H2H as we seek to support young people.
    The Blog post - The fact there are so many people from so many countries debating such an important issue as climate change, why do they not use this tool in future, instead of physically meeting thus dimishing their own carbon footprint on our world?

  2. It was Lynne Murray who posted the previous post!!

  3. OK Lynne - you asked for it! A googlewave invite is on it's way to you! Let me know when you get it and I can add you to my "friends"