Friday, 19 September 2008

Team communications

this looks like a handy little innovation for team communications. It reminds me of one of the principles that Ken Thompson talks about - the need for "one to many" signals at times....when passing on simple alerts to a team.


  1. I found this stuff on pheromone messaging very interesting (I initially thought i better check my deodorant), but some interesting thoughts that i can see parallels in my organisation.

    Very often projects dont get started because people believe that no response from an email is a sign of rejection, yet the email did not ask for apporval but only comment (and why comment if you have nothing to say).

    The other point is re "whole species" wherby i may get an email third hand as it has been passed down form person to person until it eventually lands in my inbox. One of the major disadvantages from my own experiance is that some of these sites for this module are not accessible in the NHS, because they are blocked throught out, yet a system of "reputation management
    " would be far more effective than the whitewash approach that we have at the moment.

  2. don't know if you're aware jane that email service can now send free texts. some depts also use a free automated service to remind patients of hosp appointments in an effort to cut down on non-attenders and impact on waiting list times.

  3. in response to billy's no response to emails i have found using the menomic SBAR increases the quality and timeliness of email responses. used in communicating patient data, but easily adapted to use for improving email info effectiveness;
    Situation State name and role
    State patients name (if required)
    State the purpose of the communication
    Background Provide a brief overview of the situation
    Action Explain what actions you expect the recipient of the communication to do
    Reply State clearly when a response should be received by the sender from the recipient

  4. thanks for these comments and the useful information contained therein - I like that my blog is stimulating sharing of useful information! I am learning from the feedback too.