Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Learning Styles don't exist.....

This goes against a lot of things I thought I knew about learning - especially thinking about e-learning or communicating via technology.


  1. very interesting, my first impression on this was the examples he gave appeared very simplistic e.g. when asked to describe an alsatians ears, i automatically imagined a picture of an alsatian, what he didnt cover was what if i had never seen an alsatian or a dog, i would guess then the learning style would be auditory. Whilst I can only go on my own experiance and learning styles, i would not say i have one particlar style but is dependant on a lot of factors e.g. topic (is soft or hard science), the tutor(relationship and methods used) and feel we all move between the three styles depending on the above.

  2. Hi Jane,

    This was very interesting and yes i agree with you - it goes againist everything we teachers/tutors were taught. However i would say that i can see his reasoning but would also agree with Billy in that i would switch learning style depending on task/topic.

    I would like to share this clip with my tutors.

    Can you send me the link for it?



  3. I found this really interesting too particularly as I have recently encouraged and taught some "learning styles" theories particularyl activist v pragmatist etc. I still feel that there are particular ways that individuals prefer to learn but we all have the ability to do so in many ways. As educators it is our responsibility to be aware of these and use different ways where possible

  4. thanks for the responses, team! It's encouraging when I post the little gems I have found along the way and get other people as excited as I am (well, excited may be a bit strong on this occasion...)

    the link is: