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Digital Storytelling as an assesment tool: the students' view

The brief was to create "an account of your personal learning from the module, commenting and reflecting on your role in the group tasks and including your thoughts about your future career. This account will be produced as a “digital story” – a mix of images, voice narration, written words and music".

Later this was expanded and the following prompts were given:
What has been the most important/surprising/interesting/exciting thing you have learnt this year?
What happened? Who else was involved?
How did you feel about it at the time? How do you feel now?
What were the positives and negatives about the experience?
Can you relate this experience to any theory or research you know about (or could you research more into this type of thing?) (for example - you found yourself taking over as the leader of your group because no one else would: how does this relate to theory about emergent leadership? OR in your group you all had different ideas about what to do - how might this apply to multidisciplinary working in Health and Social Care?)
Overall, what do you conclude from this learning - how has it changed you as a person, changed your ideas?
Looking back, what do you now think about the values you selected in the first Photopeach exercise - would you still pick the same ones? What values or attitudes seem to be most important to you now?
If you had to do this year again, what would you do differently?
What tips would you give to another student about to start their final year?
Based on this experience, how might you plan to approach similar situations in the workplace?
What are your plans after graduating?
So what did the students make of digital storytelling as an approach to assessment?
One or two students have commented to me - in personal communications and in their introductions to their final portfolios - about the process of completing this assignment:

"I came into year three really worried and felt very overwhelmed, but learning how to reflect well has really allowed me to understand any flaws I have and how to improve on this for the future, especially when I go on to study my nursing MSc next September. I really have managed to grow and learn a lot about myself [when] previously I tried to avoid fears I had." (student A)
"the digital story was not a task I was particularly looking forward to as I have never done anything of the kind before, and do not enjoy recording myself! Having said this, it was probably one of my most enjoyable assignments and once I had started it and got into it I didn't actually feel as if I was doing work. The newly learnt skill of producing a digital video is not only one I can use when applying for jobs but also one I can use in my personal life, as I am an avid traveller and can now produce videos portraying my travels. " (student B)
"Creating a digital story was not an easy ask for me at all... Looking back at this digital story and realising that I am now able to create more different ones make me very proud.....The digital story gave me an opportunity to express myself through images. "(student C)
"I personally really enjoyed working on my digital story ... I think this is important to do so as it reminds the individual of changes they have gone through and [how]they have developed ...  I have videoed myself which was very hard as I can be shy talking in front of my camera. However, I have now overcome the fears of using a camera to video myself which I think is amazing ... this skill would be beneficial for my future career, as I may have to talk in front of patients and other professionals or create a presentation." (Student D)

 The following students have also given me permission to post their work here - I think it is possible from these examples to see the variety of responses - in terms of tools and platforms used, depth of reflection and themes - to the assignment brief. In my next post I'll talk more about the teaching and learning processes involved and the impact on me as the assessor. If you'd like to leave any comments here about the students' work, please do. I'm sure they'd enjoy the feedback :)

Sarah (imovie):

Gabrielle (movie maker):
Emily (Screencast-o-matic):

Anna (Knovio):

Amandip (PowerPoint): http://www.authorstream.com/Presentation/jchall00-2478010-leading-teams-reflective-story/ 

Mia (Prezi):

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