Monday, 18 February 2013

OER - pure gold

I like things nice and simple. I have used Jorum before (after a great short intro to OER at my institution) and find its resources reliably good quality and reliably open.

This morning whilst baby-sitting a group of first years practising their digital literacy skills, I rifled through Jorums resources to help me prepare next weeks seminar on designing great research questions.

I found plenty- all of it CC share alike licensed - and so fit for purpose I can use it pretty much unaltered.

What this week on #oldsmooc has taught me is to go OER first. Oh and to make sure I license my own work.

I haven't added anything to the launch cloud as I have been posting stuff to Slideshare for years with the expectation it would be redeployed at will. But on checking I noticed it was "all rights reserved". I have changed the default settings now.

So I am also not seeking validation for a badge this week. The process for doing so seems a little unwieldy especially as my application disappears from the screen after pressing the red button and I can't check it's progress.

Anyway I am happy with my progress and have learned some really useful stuff this week and that is reward enough :)

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