Sunday, 10 August 2008

Internet meltdown

One of the problems I find with internet based sources is that the volume of trafiic is overwhelming. It's not unusual for people to have hundreds of emails each day - going on holiday just leaves us dreading the backlog when we return!

Having a blog or wiki alongside these, plus a Facebook group, and running several searches for new learning material each day means that by the end of the week I have too much to read, to many things to remember to log onto, too many listings in my Favourites - and if, as I do, we move from office to home PC or log on with a wireless laptop whilst sipping a latte in Caffe Nero - then how do we keep track of everything?

A recent discovery for me is the personal homepage such as this one by Netvibes. (see also Pageflakes)

How could these be useful for more than just personal learning and collecting together all our bits and pieces? Well, it is possible to create a public face for your page, so that others can keep track of things the group is working on : this for example is a Pageflake for DMU's elearning community

This stuff is all free too - open source, accessible anywhere, no fancy software requirements.... and needs no more technological skill than it takes to post an email or attach a file.


  1. I think my original post was a little naive - I had forgotten about Firewalls too! And then there's the slight problem of not having tested out some of the sites before I waxed lyrical about them....(like netvibes public page) but hey!