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A year in Twitters (well six months)

I decided to do a trawl back through my Twitter posts for the last 6 months (yes I am only a baby bird: started June 25th 2007). Why did I start using Twitter, what do I use it for and what benefits (and problems has it brought?) The following are just a few samples from my own Tweets.

The downside:

  1. Overload: the more people you follow the more tweets you receive and it is essential to get them into some sort of order: I use Tweetdeck which allows me to put followers into groups and track messages just meant for me. I also switch off @replies. I guess I may miss things, but I’ll just trust the Twitterverse to come up with what I need…

  2. Spammers, scammers, wannabe pornstars and other scuzzy types – but hey you can ignore them and block them

  3. It’s addictive. Switch off from time to time…..

  4. Anxiety when Tweets are not replied to – what does it mean???????

  5. It all gets a bit self regarding at times…
    @hallymk1 the debate about twitter groups rages on http://tinyurl.com/5l9elh 2:22 PM Dec 11th from Netvibes in reply to HallyMk1

Tweeple I follow and why….

Craig552uk: he works at DMU, his avatar is a cute kitten, he blogs about paper cutting and computer code and he’s witty: my friend WeaverMiles “introduced” me via the DMU Twitter group

AJCann: microbiologist at Leicester University, blogs about e-learning and education – occasionally grumpy and ranting, always interesting

Ken Thompson – probably the biggest single Twitter influence on the Virtual Leadership programme and my blog postings. Great website rich in resources at http://www.bioteams.com/

Sarah Horrigan – edublogger works at Nottingham Trent University; unaffected, self effacing, sensible and good natured blogging *sighs* (with relief and delight)
C4LPT – I followed Jane Hart’s blog and 25 Tools Ning Community before I followed this Twitter microblog. Always up to the minute and full of juicy titbits.

Timbuckteeth: edublogger, wrote some interesting stuff about use of wikis which has influenced my thinking about next year’s course

Redstarvip – punchy, unpredicatable, provoking.

CajunTechie – misleadingly named techie (he lives in Oklahoma) – we met via Seesmic: unofficial social networking and techie mentor (whilst I reciprocate with tips about salsa)

HallyMk1 – all round great guy, mentor in all things e-learning, works at
DMU, edublogger of note, social networking advocate and YouTube vlogger

Sfpeaky – my boss. Nuff said.

Things I have discovered through Twitter:
Random stuff

Discovering random stuff on Twitter is one of the best things about it: not a week goes by (barely a day) when I don’t come across some really useful, bizarre, amusing or just plain random stuff

1. #mewhensmall day: 22nd Dec 2008, someone set up this hashtag and spread the word that we should change our avatars to baby pics. I loved it and joined in:

2. RT gracias a @redstarvip: http://tinyurl.com/547owy UN's New Year's Resolutions 1:36 PM Dec 9th from web
3. now we know what Twitter is for http://tinyurl.com/6f7e94 2:26 PM Dec 8th from web (study on procrastination)
4. Thanks to @redstarvip: http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ - very funny and also slightly disturbing 1:59 PM Dec 8th from web
5. experimenting with twittercal http://twittercal.com/ 1:06 PM Oct 14th from Netvibes

Juicy “e-learning” learning: My Top Ten (in no particular order)

This is why I really stay with Twitter: it is full of e-learning gems form the multitude of educational bloggers who inhabit the Twitterverse. This has been so useful for me in my own blogging, development of my module on Virtual Teams and as a PGCE student:

1. RT @TheTransitioner: Great resources on Building community with Ning. A slideshare, voicethread and more.. http://is.gd/cYhc about 16 hours ago from TweetDeck

2. RT @HallyMk1: "Social needs induce users to jump tech hurdles" http://bit.ly/YcWx [everyday in every way I find something cool on Twitter] 6:15 PM Dec 17th from TweetDeck

3. the trouble is I am always finding something new and interesting:
http://tinyurl.com/5wcgg6 courtesy of @c4lptnews 10:18 AM Dec 9th from web

4. @tsurutsuru thanks for the follow and this great link! retweeting here... http://tinyurl.com/3tup8m 4:07 PM Nov 29th from web in reply to tsurutsuru (collaborative learning study)

5. @redstarvip this is what's exciting me right now http://tinyurl.com/5fatbk 9:52 AM Nov 26th from Netvibes in reply to redstarvip (M Wesch on Youtube)

6. this is very interesting:
http://tinyurl.com/yq4oyp 10:37 AM Aug 14th from Netvibes (also M Wesch)

7. @timbuckteeth and anyone else forgive my typing: that should have been http://tinyurl.com/6febe4 for the wiki post 4:04 PM Nov 21st from Netvibes in reply to timbuckteeth (stages of wiki development for e-learning)

8. Howard Rheingold video on vlogging, seesmic video in education [from Seesmic.com]
http://blip.tv/file/1342237 10:16 AM Oct 23rd from Netvibes

9. enjoying this wiki I discovered about creativity in HE....
http://tinyurl.com/4m3a7n 2:20 PM Oct 9th from Netvibes

10. RT @sfpeaky you might find this interesting from @HallyMk1Horizon Report 2008: http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/CSD5320.pdf 7:50 AM Dec 10th from TweetDeck

Other useful things to Tweet about

Work related: keeping my boss informed.
It was my boss who introduced me to Twitter as a way of keeping in touch because I work out of the office a lot. It lets him know what I am working on and we can pass each other little messages about current commitments and ideas. It’s a good social tool too: we can’t “bump into” one another if we are not in the same physical space, but we can virtually when reading one another’s posts. We have tried to interest other members of the team, but not had much success there….

@sfpeaky RT @markhawker: "Our NHS, Our Future" online follow-up from Lord Darzi's Next Stage Review(s) http://tinyurl.com/64ow4p 10:25 AM Dec 16th from TweetDeck in reply to sfpeaky

@sfpeaky Here's a thought- a step on from Ning community maybe? http://tinyurl.com/5fsfvv 4:31 PM Oct 31st from Netvibes in reply to sfpeaky

@sfpeaky,@tesstrace reviewing Bb for FLM next year with Euan, completing on line induction, writing oD leads newsletter, sorting out cohorts 2:20 PM Aug 7th from Netvibes in reply to sfpeaky

Blatant self promotion:

I admit to using Twitter to get interest in my blog, to get feedback, to promote the module I am teaching. To feed my need for recognition- Discovery is the new cocaine: http://tinyurl.com/3nhgqs

just posted: virtual team module reflections http://tinyurl.com/46a48v 10:10 AM Dec 19th from TweetDeck

e-learning programme for leadership: celebrating the first year in operation! http://is.gd/4fe5 1:12 PM Oct 17th from TwitKit

posting wiki assessment criteria and self and peer assessment guidance: students response to new form of assessment is very enthusiatic! 12:25 PM Oct 19th from Netvibes

pleased I finished the article what I wrote (sic) about web 2.0 in leadership development. 12:47 PM Oct 10th from Netvibes

making a Jing screencast about my students' first wiki!! http://tinyurl.com/3fs53f
http://tinyurl.com/6yx5wz my entry on the Top Ten tools for e-learning. 10:12 AM Sep 5th from Netvibes

@sfpeaky yes and added myself to elearning professionals Twitter directory: time to get serioso..... http://tinyurl.com/3spjzc 6:14 PM Oct 20th from web in reply to sfpeaky

Passing on the stuff I have learned/found elsewhere:
@stujohnson those twitter tips I promised: http://tinyurl.com/5oxbfm and http://tinyurl.com/4legxe 3:19 PM Nov 27th from Netvibes in reply to stujohnson
http://tinyurl.com/3zx299 BT adoption of social media. 2:02 PM Sep 27th from Netvibes

posted by one of my students: http://tinyurl.com/6qt5um 10:08 AM Sep 10th from Netvibes

this is am-aaaa-zing!!!!! http://www.eyejot.com/ 5:04 PM Sep

Chatting to friends
About the weather, news, traffic alerts, my social life, listening to music (http://www.blip.fm/) , sharing photos (http://www.twitpic.com/) , making jokes, posting videos…….

My first post:

discovering twitter, writing a newsletter for MHSC providers, proofing an e-earning programme that goes live in 2 months! HAVING LUNCH : 0 12:51 PM Jun 25th from web
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Thanks to everyone for the follows, and for letting me follow you …..
and here’s to a Happy New Year!

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